President’s letter

January 28, 2015

Dear Membership,

The newly elected board of IYASCUS would like to thank everyone for taking the time to vote in our election and for renewing your membership. We had our first board meeting and we are excited and full of great ideas to make this Association grow and blossom. The Board is looking forward to working together and with YOU, each and every member of this Association.  We are currently in the planning stages for Regional Association sponsored events which will happen soon!

The new Board of Directors consists of Rose Kamego from Denton TX, Jerri Crowley from San Angelo TX,  Bruce Rogers from St. Louis, MO; Greg White, Karen Dempster, Randy Just from Dallas TX.  The South Central Association encompasses Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.  While the board seems to be Texas heavy we are going to establish a committee with a Liaison from each State in our region – we want everyone represented and every state participating in the celebration and dissemination of Iyengar Yoga – WE WANT YOUR INPUT and FEEDBACK!!!

This past December in Pune, Geeta Iyengar taught a 10 day intensive called Yoganusasanam. It was an incredible event with over 250 students from the USA and I am happy to say 8 from IYASCUS. The National Association has ordered several sets of the DVD’s which will be available in the store on their website. We would recommend that each Iyengar center in our region purchase this set and make it available to students and especially the teachers.

This intensive course celebrated Geeta Iyengar’s 70th birthday and it was a tribute to BKS Iyengar. Geeta started the Intensive with a talk about the passing of her father, our beloved Guruji. While much was said, one of the things stuck out above everything else was “We as teachers have to share his teachings with as much clarity as possible. It is our duty to share his light and wisdom with integrity and honor him.” It is our responsibility to keep his teaching alive and pure. This Association is charged with the duties of; keeping his teaching pure; working with membership to help spread his teaching; providing educational opportunities within our community. We want and we need your assistant to achieve our goals.

Thank you for helping to sustain IYASCUS and supporting our mission to disseminate and promote yoga according to the teachings of our Guruji.

Randy Just, President/Treasurer


March 22, 2012

Dear Friends and Practitioners of Iyengar Yoga,

In late January, members of the IYASCUS Board met to discuss our aims for 2012. Our mission is to promote Iyengar yoga in our South Central region, and to support our members. Two themes arose in light of this mission: community development and membership growth.

Many of us have come to realize that our best and closest friends are practitioners of Iyengar yoga. We know that we have been enriched by being connected to others who are already taking classes and workshops in our community. We also know that it’s outside the classrooms — around tables at restaurants, in book clubs, swimming pools, retreat lounges, knitting circles, on nature walks, and at other gatherings — that we have actually had the opportunity to visit and form these precious bonds.

So we want to encourage our members to get together beyond the classroom. Form friendships, build networks, support each other’s small businesses or artistic passions. If you have an idea or plan for a local event, IYASCUS wants to help.

IYASCUS can publicize your event through its mailing list, website, and Facebook page. Some financial assistance may also be available if your event can be combined with a soft membership drive. Right now our members number under 80. We would like to double this number in the next two years. We’ll be encouraging local studios to keep postcards on hand about IYASCUS benefits and how to join.

Let’s keep our community vibrant and spread the word about the great benefits of Iyengar yoga!

Best regards,

Pauline Schloesser, IYASCUS President


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