President’s letter

November 30, 2018

Dear Members,

Namaskar from your new board!  The new Board of Directors consists of Joy Wasson, Sharon Wilkes, and LeeAnn Woodrum from Arkansas, and Emma Essery and Kelly Republicano from Dallas.

Connection.  That is what this new board for IYASCUS is most excited about, making our community more connected.  We had our first board meeting and we are enthusiastic about how to ignite the effort to bring in more Iyengar students into membership of IYASCUS and provide the outlets for us to connect and grow as a community.  We also hope to hear ideas from you as well. We are currently in the planning stages of several exciting ideas and we would like your feedback. Would you be interested in a regional “retreat” where senior teachers throughout the states are brought in to offer their teachings?  How can we utilize technology to keep us better connected? Some ideas presented have been a monthly blog with insights or discussion among members, online sutra study group, book club, and/or practice sessions? The possibilities are there we just need to organize ourselves and connect!

We are thrilled to be a part of hosting the National Convention in the spring in sunny Dallas.  This is an excellent way to inspire growth and connection in our region. Have you thought of volunteering?  There are a lot of ways to be involved and we hope you’ll join us in encouraging your students and/or fellow practitioners in our respective towns to participate and learn more about this remarkable lineage of teaching.  We want your feedback too on how to reach a larger audience. As mentioned in this newsletter, the association is excited to reimburse studios to boost marketing for a free day of yoga on or around Guruji’s birthday. Join us and let’s flood our social networks with invitations to learn about Iyengar yoga!

From our first meeting as a new board one thing we know is we are green to the operation of the association, but we don’t lack motivation for connecting with each of you.  Please reach out to any of us with advice, feedback, and suggestions. Help us reach our goal of increased membership and meaningful opportunities to connect and grow. Happy practicing!

Joy Wasson, President

Past presidents’ letters: