Members May Apply for Scholarships

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IYASCUS offers Scholarships for Iyengar Yoga Training Do you need to attend a teacher training to prepare for certification? Are you looking for a way to attend a workshop that you cannot afford but really need? IYASCUS has some funds available for member scholarships, and we want to help. Please go to the Scholarships page on our website to download the forms. These scholarships are based on need and worthiness of cause, so you will be asked to answer questions pertaining to both. Download the forms today!

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Audio Recording Device Available for Members’ Use

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Hey Iyengar Teachers! Do you have an upcoming workshop or class that you would like to record and donate to the IYASCUS members’ library? Let us know! IYASCUS owns a digital audio recording device, about the size of a cell phone that you wear while teaching. By donating an audio recording of a senior teacher who comes to your studio, or your own special class or workshop to our members’ only library, YOU are helping IYASCUS grow. If you’re interested, contact us. We’ll gladly send you the Roland R-05 portable audio recording device if...

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New! Members’ Only Library on IYASCUS Website

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IYASCUS has just added value to your membership by providing classes and lectures for you on our website. Currently, we have yoga philosophy lectures from renowned Sanskrit scholar Edwin Bryant. These lectures on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Upanisads and the Bhagavad Gita were held at retreats and workshops. We know not all of our members can attend these events. We also know that even if you have attended these events, the audio recordings are a fantastic resource for deepening your study. Download them, copy them to your mp3 player, and...

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Hosting Community Events

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Do you want to have more students and more friends? A community event is a way to for students of yoga to get to know each other.

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We Need Members

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We really need to increase our membership. The following ideas were tossed around at the last board meeting with a few thrown in by myself. Studios could grant “early bird discounts” to IYASCUS members. Have fundraising /cultural events with Iyengar Yoga students with special talents. E.G., a cartoonists for the New Yorker magazine was the attraction to an IYAGNY event. Members got to “meet the artist” and view his cartoons, some of which featured jokes about the popularity of yoga. Events like this encourage people to join the...

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More Summer Workshops

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May 25-26 in San Angelo: Randy Just, contact Jerri Crowley May 26-27 in Austin: Peggy Kelley, “Yoga and Pregnancy” Want your event on the blog?  Just let me know!

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Welcome to the new site!

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Have a look around, and let us know what you think! To help you get the information you’re looking for quickly, we’ve added a new event calendar, teacher directory and a restructured library. We hope you’ll consider this a useful resource to support your Iyengar yoga teaching and practice. And, as always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact...

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