Featured Sequence: Hanumanasana with George Purvis

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Notes and Photos Taken By Gretchen House on January 31, 2015 at BKS Iyengar Yoga Studio of Dallas

01 Groin Release

01 groin release

Pull the knee down toward the chest as you press the knee away (knee resists the pull). This is to help soften and deepen the groin.


02 Supta Padangusthasana

02 supta pad

Left foot is positioned so that heel is away from wall and ball of foot presses into wall. This is to help keep the hamstring down toward the floor. Don’t dig the right heel.

Press the right ball of the foot toward the ceiling for the most effective hamstring stretch.

Hold this pose to prepare the hamstrings (of the front leg in Hanumanasana).


03 Prepping the back leg 1 and 2

03 prepping the back leg03 back leg prep 

Slide the right knee forward to come more onto the bottom of the femur and less on the kneecap.

The right foot is shown in both plantar flexion and dorsi flexion. In either case, the inner heel moves laterally (to the right) to roll to the outer edge of the knee and help stretch the quadriceps from the outer hip to the inner knee NOT the inner hip to the outer knee.

Repeat this pose increasing the distance between the right knee and the left foot. Keep the chest up!


 04 Prepping the back leg some more

04 prepping the back lag

Same actions as in Pose 03.


05 Using the Ropes

05 using the ropes

As in Pose 03, move the right heel laterally to roll to the outer knee.

Press the ball of the foot into the wall to move the right hip forward.

Pull the left femur back into the hip socket to square the pelvis as much as possible.

Keep the chest up.

The ropes are crossed – when right leg was back the right rope was in front of the left.


06 Keep your chest back

 06 keeping the chest back

Partners not really necessary but it did remind us to keep our chest back.

Incorporate all the actions from previous poses.

Repeat three times each side

1. Pushing front foot forward

2. Pushing back foot backward

3. Pushing both feet at the same time


07 Parivrtta Hanumanasana

07 parivrtta

Bolster is on angle so that it supports both front thigh and back thigh.

Incorporate all the actions from previous poses.

Add a twist to release the back.