Hosting Community Events

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I’ve never heard anyone say, “I have too many friends,” or “I have too many students”.

One way to have more friends and more students is to host a community event. I remember the first time I was invited to a yoga related pot luck. I felt so honored, even though everyone at the workshop was invited. I couldn’t believe I was breaking bread with Laurie Blackeney. I know it may sound silly to some, but many students are intimidated by senior teachers.

More importantly though, I felt welcomed by the hostess, and a part of the yoga community she was fostering. I felt a personal connection to her, and I still attend her classes, in part, because of this connection.

Do you want to have more students and more friends? A community event is a way to for students of yoga to get to know each other. It doesn’t have to be a pot luck either. Maybe someone wants to start a bookclub, dinner club, or have a yogathon to benefit a studio or local non-profit.

Speaking of community events, there is one in Austin this weekend!

Dance Performance

w/ Dr. Sreedhara Akkihebbalu

June 2, 2012 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Dr. Akkihebbalu teaches and performs in the Bharathanatyam tradition, a classical Indian dance style.  This promises to be an amazing performance, so please try to join us!

Fundraiser for Austin Yoga Institute, suggested donation $20