Join the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States (IYNAUS). When you join IYNAUS, you’ll be asked to choose a regional association. To join ours, choose IYASCUS, representing the South Central United States (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas).. You can also add IYASCUS to your IYNAUS membership even if you live in another region. In addition to all the great membership benefits you receive, you also help make the gift of Iyengar yoga possible for someone else.

“Due to an illness in the family and the resulting financial strain,  I was unable to continue my course of study with my Iyengar teachers, a critical factor on the road toward assessment.  The receipt of an IYASCUS scholarship  allowed me to continue the pursuit of my dreams and goals.  I want to thank the members of IYASCUS who made this possible.”

~Ce Boehme

Join our community today and learn how we help:

  • Sponsor local workshops given by certified senior Iyengar instructors.
  • Maintain a regional reference library with the latest educational tools from the Iyengar family, senior teachers and Iyengar scholars around the world.
  • Support IYNAUS with the teacher certification program.
  • Promote the medical research and therapeutic applications for yoga-related health issues.
  • Foster community through educational and social activities.
  • Contribute to Iyengar yoga endeavors around the world.