We Need Members

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Membership | Comments Off on We Need Members

We really need to increase our membership.

The following ideas were tossed around at the last board meeting with a few thrown in by myself.

  • Studios could grant “early bird discounts” to IYASCUS members.
  • Have fundraising /cultural events with Iyengar Yoga students with special talents. E.G., a cartoonists for the New Yorker magazine was the attraction to an IYAGNY event. Members got to “meet the artist” and view his cartoons, some of which featured jokes about the popularity of yoga. Events like this encourage people to join the association.
  • Yogathons where individuals (teachers or students) in the Iyengar community would pledge to do a certain asana for a certain amount of time.  People would pledge money to their favorite teachers and then come watch them perform.  The amount was usually not over $50 and usually closer to $20.  We could donate the money to charity or to our chapter to increase scholarship amounts. 
  • Another take on the yogathon idea is to have a non-stop, day long class with many different teachers.  People could come and go.  The cost could be a membership in IYASCUS.
  • Get to know your fellow students/teachers at community events.  More on that in the next blog.